ELANTAS Electrical Insulation


In principle, the resin component should be carefully stirred at the beginning of processing. The resin compound is generally prepared and processed under normal pressure. Adherence to the mixing ratio and intensive mixing are thus important since otherwise variations in the mechanical and dielectric properties of the cured potting resin can occur. 

The casting method uses a liquid compound poured into a mold containing the device to be encased in. When the compound has hardened the mold is released. Sometimes this is also referred to as encapsulation. The potlife of the resin compound at room temperature is restricted. It can only be increased to a certain extent by cooling, in conjunction with a corresponding increase in viscosity. The resin compound cures without the addition of heat at room temperature. However, if the casting resin volume is small, a combined cold/warm curing process is recommended, e.g. for 2 - 6 hours at room temperature and with subsequent casing hardening for 2 - 4 hours at 60 -80°C.