R&D Center

The Management of ELANTAS Tongling has taken full cognizance that research and development is essential for continual growth and improvement.

The company has established an efficient and sophisticated R&D center in the same industry in the Far East, whereby both customers and future oriented long-term projects are undertaken in well-equipped laboratories by a team of highly qualified chemists, engineers and technicians.

A quick glance at some instruments available will include: DSC, FT-IR, GPC, TGA, PC based microscope and Tangent Delta system and so on. We have also one set of SV1000 production type vertical enameling machine, one set of horizontal trial machine SY45000, one fine wire machine HS1 and one set of the latest high-speed low-energy machine. With these machines, we are able to imitate productions at various speed and wire sizes. In addition to those, we have set up pilot plants and a UL lab (CTDP), so to speed up the production of newly developed products and get UL recognition as soon as possible.

ELANTAS Tongling R&D work is part of the Global R&D of ELANTAS, thus wins strong support from it. On a regular basis, specialists from the different companies of ELANTAS meet and exchange new ideas and technical knowledge, and mutual visits are also arranged among them time to time. In addition, our R&D Center has close cooperation with related customers and famous universities and institutes.

R&D of ELANTAS Tongling pays close attention to:

  1. Meet specific requirements of the ever-increasing customer demand
  2. Basic chemistry study on wire enamels
  3. Study on the development direction of magnet wire industry

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