New Products

The following are new products, which are added recently, please contact sales department or technical service department for more details.

New products in the last two years:

  1. TONGTHERM 537/30
    A high solid content polyimide wire enamel, thermal index 240,cut trough >500℃. Possessing excellent thermal stability, resistant to radiation, chemicals and cryogenic temperatures,improvement of edge coverage for flat wires. 
  2. TONGMID 595 CR
    A high performance polyamideimide wire enamel, with nano-composite, designed for corona-resistant application. Generally used as the top coat or the intermediate layer between base coat and PAI top coat.  Medium viscosity, easy application, excellent and consistent performance, with a similar wire color to the regular polyamideimide enamels.
  3. High solids enamels
    Solids content>50%, original high performance maintained. It is conducive to environmental protection and reduce the environmental pressure caused by the discharge of pollutants such as solvents and their exhaust gases.

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