Keep your varnish and resin tanks up to spec with ELANTAS PDG, Inc.’s free, easy-to-use, reliable Tank Maintenance Program.
Now there is an easy way to test the consistency and purity required to meet your stringent application requirements. To utilize our Tank Maintenance Program, contact us today, and we will send you a tank sampling kit free of charge. It has everything you need for taking a sample and sending it to us for evaluation.
We accept tank samples from all over the country as well as from outside the U.S. We will provide recommendations based on the testing results.



ELANTAS University

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. is committed to providing the best customer technical support in the electrical industry. As part of this program, we are proud to present ELANTAS University lab training modules.

ELANTAS University lab training is a unique opportunity to see state of the art equipment and materials demonstrated on your own parts or test parts, at no cost to you. Each program is customized to your needs and is geared towards 2-4 people per session. The hands-on lab experience and related technical demonstrations are ideal for engineers (new or established with new responsibilities), technicians, and materials personnel. Typical sessions are 1-2 days with lunches and dinner provided.

For a list of our current training modules, see our brochure. If you are interested in training that is not listed, please inquire, as we are constantly updating our training to better serve our customers.

Messen & Veranstaltungen