Conformal Coating

Conformal coating refers to a protective coating designed to conform to the surface of an assembled printed circuit board and electronic components. This coating can protect them from humidity, moisture, dust and corrosion which can be caused by exposure to extreme environments, and improve the service life of the assembly.

Conformal coating can be applied by manual or robotic on surface of assembled printed circuit boards and form polymer film 25-100um thick. Its provide maximum protection to electronic circuits against the harsh environments such as contain moisture, dust, chemical contaminants, salt fog etc. By being electrically insu-lating, it maintains long-term and ensures the electronic equipment reliability.

Product Summary

Elantas Zhuhai provides a board portfolio of conformal coatings and solutions. We are able to provide conformal coatings of different chemistry such as modified alkyd resin, modified polyurethane resin, modified acrylate resin, synthetic rubber and solvent-free UV curing resin, which have excellent moisture-resistance and electrical properties, which also ensure a friendly operating environment. Our products are used especially in demanding industry such as automotive, telecommunication, household appliances, power and electronic instrument.

Solutions For

  • Moisture/Dust/Fungus Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Environmental Friendly
  • High Adhesion
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Thermal Shock
  • UL94-V0

Product Characteristics at a Glance

Product NameCharacteristics           Viscosity
@25°C (cps)
Elantron BZ1802Single-component, light-colour, clear, fast dry modified alkyd resin, Elantron BZ1802 is environmental friendly product. There are not aromatic com-pounds in the solvent, and satisfies the requirements of the RoHS directive. Air drying or heat curing. Spray or dip process. UV tracer. Elantron BZ1802 can provide excellent electrical properties and moisture resistance.Elantron BZ1802 is in compliance with IPC-CC-830.30-8034-36%16-24h/25°C
Elantron BZ1803/40Single-component, Clear, light amber, fast dry modified alkyd resin. Air dry or heat curing. Spray or dip process. UV tracer. ELANTRON BZ1803/40 shows excellent substrate adhesion and moisture resistance properties. ELANT-RON BZ1803/40 is in compliance with IPC-CC-830.45-10034-36%16h/25°C
BZ1805Single-component, clear, colorless, fast drying modified acrylic resin, Air dry or heat curing, UV tracer, good yellowing resistance. There are not aromatic compounds in the solvent and ELANZ 1865 satisfies the requirements of the RoHS directive. Air drying or heat curing. Spray or dip process. BZ1805 shows excellent adhesion to many substrates and provides excellent mois-ture resistance for assembled printed circuit boards. BZ1805 is in compliance with IPC-CC-830.80-12023-25%16h/25°C
BZ1807DHSingle component, fast dry, modified synthetic rubber, air dry or heat curing, UV tracer. BZ1807DH is environmental friendly product, and there are not aromatic compounds in the solvent. BZ1807DH can provide excellent mois-ture protection for printed circuit assemblies. The coating demonstrates ex-cellent flexibility, low stress on components. BZ1807DH is in compliance with the RoHS Directive.80-12020-22%16h/25°C
Single-component, clear, modified polyurethane resin system for thin film build, air dry or heat curing, UV tracer, excellent dielectric properties. BZ1806 is environmental friendly product, free from aromatic solvents such as ben-zene, toluene, xylene and C9 aromatics. BZ1806 for spraying application, BZ1806@50% for dip and brush application to achieve thick film coating. BZ1806 series coatings are in compliance with IPC-CC-830.37-43S
BZ1901-80Clear, single-component, solvent-free, thick film coating(50-100um), polyure-thane resin system. UV curing and chemical cross-linking reaction with air humidity in shadow areas.400-1400100%UV light 5-10s

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