ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Conformal coatings, potting and electronic adhesives

Electronic components and circuit boards have to meet ever growing requirements such as e.g. humidity, extreme temperatures, mechanical loads and chemical effects. The Bectron® family is specially designed to provide optimum protection and dielectric integrity for today’s high performance modules. Conformal coatings, potting resins and glues play a critical role in reliability under harsh conditions of electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCB's), hybrids, sensors and electronic assemblies. Application areas are in defence, aeronautic, marine and a variety of commercial, industrial and consumer applications. The automotive sector is the predominant application.

The wide range of the  Bectron® portfolio includes

  • Thin film coatings with alkyd, acrylate, silicone (1-component)
  • Thick film coatings, VOC free, with polyurethane, epoxy, silicone (1-component)
  • Melting resins, VOC free (1-component)
  • Polyurethane (1- & 2-component)
  • Silicones (1- & 2-component)
  • Adhesives for electronic applications

All Bectron® products satisfy the requirements of EU Directives (RoHS and WEEE) and meet the specifications of the automotive industry.

Bectron® thin- and thick film coatings and melting resins provide highly effective protection for sensitive electronic components.

Bectron® potting materials provide highly effective protection of electronic components, such as PCB's, sensors, modules, transponders. 

The products range of one-component Elan-glue® adhesives covers thermosetting adhesives with very good temperature resistance as well as  durable high strength. In addition, a wide range of UV-curing materials is available.