Upcoming technology innovations and applications opportunities for E-Mobility driven by the chemical industry

Presenter:   Robert Stanek
Company:P3 Group GmbH
Time:13.30 - 14.05 h, 05.11.2018


The E-mobility market is on the spring board for a mainstream implementation into the automotive, energy and public sector. A large set of new products and applications is coming to the market enabled on the one side by new technologies as lithium-ion pouch cells, silicone carbide semiconductors etc. and on the other side by concurrent chemical innovations and material applications as e.g. thermal interface materials. This presentation provides an overview off upcoming market challenges and trends and shows the key innovations plus technologies of the core elements as vehicle powertrain, charging infrastructure and ambient ecosystem. Based on this overview, the main opportunities for the chemical industry and the resulting applications are discussed and described with the main interfaces to the considered industries.