ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Developments and demands of insulation systems for the modern power generation market

Presenter:   Werner Grubelnik
Company:Isovolta AG
Title:Global Product Manager Energy High Voltage
Time:16.00 - 16.35 h, 05.11.2018


The presentation gives after a brief introduction a historical overview of Rotating Machines and Electrical Insulating Materials as these topics are going hand in hand.

Following a “state of the art” Insulation System is discussed. A special focus is given to the requirements of the Insulation Systems because thereof the technical challenges of today and the near future are presented. Recent changes of the operating conditions are mentioned as well as current trends of major generator manufacturers are presented also in the case of examples of big projects.
Availability of raw materials and legal restrictions are covered as well in the respect of effects and potential substitutes. Conclusions summarize this presentation of developments and demands of Insulating Materials for the Power Generation market.