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Preventive fire protection in rail vehicles has always been highly important. Rail vehicles place complex demands on fire prevention, among other reasons because they house a lot of electrical machines and electronics.   

The safety level in railway trains is high and as a result the technical demands made on the materials are correspondingly high. The French Railway Standard NF F 16-101 makes high demands of the insulating materials used. As well as flammability the standard defines the smoke gas density and the toxicity in order to limit the potential danger from smoke gas and fire. There are several classes within the standard of which in particular the I- and F-classes are in demand in industry.


The smaller the value given for a class, the less critical it is in each case.



The I class gives information on the ignition behaviour of materials subjected to a glow wire. The behaviour of the material is viewed in connection with different concentrations of oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere.


If a material catches fire, smoke and gas components of differing toxicity are formed. The F class gives information on the toxicity and the density of the smoke gas.

Due to rising demand, ELANTAS Beck GmbH has had materials classified in accordance with the
NF F 16-101 standard. As well as hardly flammable silicone resins we are now also offering polyurethane potting compounds certified to NF F 16-101 under the Elan-tron® product range as these offer a more cost-effective alternative.

The hard PU potting compound Elan-tron® PU 4257 LV FR M / PH 4900 is of low viscosity and self-extinguishing in accordance with UL-94 V0. In the glow wire test the material does not combust at 850°C. The oxygen index required for combustion of 38% corresponds to roughly twice the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere. With these results Elan-tron® PU 4257 LV FR M can be classified as I2 and F2 in accordance with the provisions of the standard and is therefore very suitable for protecting components on the railways.


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Download NF F 16-101 certificates here:

Overview potting compounds certified to railway standard NF F 16-101

Elan-tron® PU 4007 FRI-ClassF-Class
Elan-tron® PU 4257 FR SBI-ClassF-Cass
Elan-tron® PU 4257 LV FR M      I-Class       F-Class
Elan-tron® PU 4264 FRI-ClassF-Class


Certification according to NF F 16-101

                                                        Glow Wire TestOxygen IndexClassificationFume Gas IndexCharacteristic
Elan-tron PU 4007 FR
/ PH 4900
No permanent flame at 850°C     28%    I4     F1Flexible PU, UL94-V2, Class B
Elan-tron PU 4257 FR SB 
/ PH 4900
No permanent flame at 850°C     30%    I3     F1Medium hard PU,
Elan-tron PU 4257 LV FR M
/ PH 4900
No ignition at 850°C     38%    I2     F2Hard PU, low viscous, UL94-V0
Elan-tron PU 4264 FR
/ PH 4900
No permanent flame at 850°C     40%    I3     F1Semi rigid PU, UL94-V0